The Value Edge

Dear Readers,

Given how we are constantly aiming to improve this platform, for these couple of days, there would be no new blog posts put up to ensure the successful migration of data. Going forward, our site would only be accessible via http://www.value-edge.com instead of http://www.sgvalueinvestor.wordpress.com. Thanks for your continuous support and encouragement!

The Value Edge

Thanks to all the support and encouragement from you readers out there, we have decided to register for our own blog domain. After much deliberation, we have decided to name this blog, The Value Edge – a platform we hope that investors will be able to gain a better advantage over markets through the sharing and discussing of value investing.

A couple of user interface changes have been made, namely the ‘Portfolio‘ and ‘Contact Us‘ tab in case readers have a question/comment that they would like to ask/leave with us privately.

More importantly, our investing methodology has constantly been evolving and developing over the years. Currently, we are in the midst of liquidating some positions made in the earlier years to better synchronise the entire portfolio’s investment strategy. That said, fund performance would still be updated every quarterly, while stock positions would be updated monthly.

Interesting Week

Just went to Latvia for a short getaway since it’s reading week in London. I was planning to post an article about economic moats but I have shelved it for the time being given that I have discovered an interesting company to look at. As of now, I would say that it is looking pretty promising and might be the next “Silverlake” in the fund.

One interesting read would be Amcor outlining $2 billion plans of M&As: Click Here. Given their interest in M&As with companies that does packagings, it would serve as a good catalyst for an undervalued company like New Toyo to actually realise its true value. It is actually the main reason that I have not looked at New Toyo, despite it being undervalued would be because of the lack of catalyst. Given the trading volumes in the Singapore Markets, it is really hard for undervalued companies to realise true value without a catalyst.

Welcome to SG Value Fund

I started this blog as a platform to not only allow me to chronicle my investing journey, how it has evolved over the years – allowing me to reflect on my investment’s philosophy and mistakes. But more importantly, create a platform to share such experiences with others, which would definitely help prevent others from committing the same mistakes. After all, failure is a better teacher than success. Hence, what better way to expedite our learning through the mistakes of others.

Going forward, I will be posting up articles about the following topics:

  • Updates to my personal fund
  • Equity Research
  • Company Analysis
  • Quotes/Personal experiences etc.

Some really useful links I use (I owe a huge amount of my success to these sites).