I developed my passion for investment management especially equity research at a relatively young age. My investment journey began when I was 20, at a point in time where markets were still recovering from the Global Financial Crisis. My portfolio started from money I saved over the past years and through working during the holidays. I was fortunate to have a good friend with common investing mentality to began my journey towards value investing. To date, we still research and invest in companies together, discussing valuations and potential risks of a company.

To date, I manage a fund with a value investing style. Positions are decided upon via a bottom-up approach or smart speculation (a term I came up with when buying a stock for quick profit due to a mismatch in prices in the market due to takeovers/selling of a subsidiary or associate). Apart from managing my own portfolio, I enjoy sharing my research with family and friends, seeking their opinions and views towards the stock.

Reading Economics in London, I constantly keep up with the financial news in Singapore & Hong Kong. Despite my busy schedule, it has not stopped me from enjoying other aspects of life. I enjoy a variety of activities in whatever free time I may have – endurance running, marathons, traveling, fine dining, whiskey appreciation, fashion. Lastly, I enjoy meeting new people, discussing ideas and gaining new perspectives towards issues in the world.


The idea of passive income has appealed to me ever since I was exposed to the idea of stocks when I was young. I started my investment journey in 2011, based on the principles of Benjamin Graham and David Dodd, along with TL. Since then, my portfolio has managed to achieve above-the-market returns. I was featured on the Sunday Times and the Business Times’ Young Investor. Most importantly, I believe that the art of investing is a discipline that lasts a lifetime; there are always new perspectives to be gained, new technicals to be learnt.

There is much that I do not know and I think there are many others who face the same difficulties. I am always willing to share, and I hope that by sharing my opinions and experiences, it will help you in your own investment journey. Besides merely presenting a stock pitch, I aim to include my doubts and difficulties in conducting the analysis as well, because it’s always about the process rather than the outcome that is important for us learners of the trade.

Outside of the investment world, I study Business Administration at NUS and supplement my income with some part-time tutoring. I also do enjoy reading when my schedules allows it.

What we do

We will be sharing on everything and anything related to investing – money management, personal experiences – both the good and bad, market analysis, stock analysis and the list goes on.  We hope to help both seasoned and new investors gain new perspectives in their own investment journey.

To get the most out of this site, it is important for you to understand our investment philosophy. To us, equity investment is like a buffet. There are many reasons why people go to buffets; some for the variety, some for the oysters, the seafood or the sashimi. Here, we aim to share what we like, be it the beef or crab, and while there might be tastier dishes in the buffet spread, it does not matter much as long as we are satisfied with what we have on our plate. Likewise, what we have might not be exactly your cup of tea, what is important is for you to understand why others might like it. In that spirit, comments are always welcome, all we ask is that you keep it objective and constructive.

We reserve the right to delete any comment that is disrespectful, spam or personal.


  1. HI valueinvestor,

    I am Wilson, co-founder of Stokflok. I found your articles meaningful and useful for many investors. I would like to contact you but it appears that your email is not available on your blog. Could you email me at wilson@stokflok.com? Thank you.

    1. Thanks! Haha I am the one studying in London, while my friend is studying in Singapore. Both of us have 1 year left before graduation.

      1. I see! I had 3 fun years studying in London. Wished I had started on such something that both of you are doing when I was ur age. Keep it up!

  2. You from LSE(London School of Economics and Political science)?? or UOL(University of London) ?? I am from UOL but I studied in Singapore as international part time student. Am a stock broker in Phillip Securities. Btw,now that you guys are graduating, go take the BAT test(Bloomberg Assessment Test), and let employer find you instead of finding employers yourself after graduation..

    I had a few offer after graduation.. From what I read on your analyst, you will be offered either a trader or investment consultant etc.. After you accumulated enough savings, want to be a stock broker?? haha

    I chance upon your blog when the counter I research on hit your blog.. hahaha.. I found CDW on my Facebook blog in May 14 and I forgot about it, and checking on it again today..

    Enjoy your studies and see you people back in Singapore.

    1. Hi Boon Keong,

      Thanks for your advise on the BAT! I am currently studying in University College of London, which is neither of the two you mentioned and is located in the UK. It’s great to here that there are people sharing our post out there on other mediums! Anyway, we have shifted our blog over to http://www.value-edge.com. Hope to hear from you on The Value Edge more often. Thanks!

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